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Per Board

Billed annually
Billed monthly: $99/mo 

Unlimited users
Unlimited meetings

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Per Board

Billed annually
Billed monthly: $299/mo

Unlimited users
Unlimited meetings
With 5 committees

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Can I choose my billing terms?

Yes, you can - either annually or monthly in advance.

Annual billing means we can invest more to make your product better.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Tell me more about sub-committees.

With the advanced plan, you get your main board account and up to five sub-committees.

A limited release version of the advanced plan is available:

Each sub-committee is managed within it's own boardPro account. Switching between your sub-committee accounts is seamless via a drop-down list.

Later this year, you will get access to the production version of the advanced plan in which sub-committees will be integrated into your main boardPro account. i.e. Allowing you to maintain one list of users and select which sub-committees they belong to. See all actions associated with main board and sub-committees you sit on.

Conditions of purchase of the limited release version:

  1. Sub-committees must use a naming protocol that includes the name of the parent organisation. i.e. XYZ Co - Finance & Risk Committee.
  2. Data migration from the limited version to the production version will be your own responsibility. i.e. manual upload.

Please contact us to discuss your sub-committee requirements in more detail as required.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Do I need to buy services?


You have the option of purchasing one of our getting started and support packages.

There is no obligation.

Check out getting started packages here.