8 Steps to a beautiful operating plan

7 FREE Business Templates

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'CEO Report Template'

An annual operating plan is a prized document – it’s the blueprint for building your organisation in any given year. You wouldn’t build a house without architectural drawings. Unfortunately, many SME CEOs run their organisations with only a sketch of what they are building. 

These 7 business templates and guides are intended for CEOs of commercial and not-for-profit organisations with revenues between $2M and $40M and a functioning management/leadership team (i.e., 3+ managers) who don’t have a strong track record of strategic/operational planning. If your organisation is smaller, absorb the principles of the ebook and scale down the process to suit your resources. We are sure the templates and guides will be of great help.

Here is what's included

Annual Planning Process template

Strategic Offsite Planning guide

Facilitation Plan template

Dialogue vs Debate guide

SWOT Analysis template

Competitor Overview Matrix template

Operating Plan Presentation (PPT template)

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