About BoardPro

Organisations serious about success need an effective Board of Directors. However, small-to-medium and non-profit boards are often less effective than they could be, despite the quality of their directors. A lack of both time and resource frequently leads to issues such as poor reporting, unfocused meetings and forgotten action items. It’s frustrating for all parties involved, but particularly so for board members who value their time and want to focus on making a contribution.

BoardPro board software addresses these frustrations with a smart solution for organisations wanting to lift their game and manage board processes better, on both sides of the table. Our affordable and easy-to-use software helps SMEs and NFPs streamline their entire board process, improving efficiency, reducing distractions and enabling everyone involved to be more effective.

Administrators get an end-to-end workflow that manages all the moving parts and enables them to work up to 50% faster, and board members get quick and easy access to everything they need so they can maintain focus, contribute more and perform better – all delivered in one integrated cloud solution that can be accessed from any location at any time.


We’re proud to partner with these organisations, and others, to help spread the word on smart software for progressive boards:

Appoint allows organisations seeking directors to easily connect with individuals wanting to share their governance experience. They also support organisations requiring advice on how to create and recruit better boards, and since mid 2012 have promoted 1350 board roles and facilitated over 560 successful appointments.

Directors Australia is a boutique consultancy firm specialising in board consulting and director recruitment. Offering a wide range of services to assist boards, they work with the boards, directors and executive managers of organisations to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance, with a view to improving board and organisational performance.

Sport New Zealand is the guardian of our country’s world-class sporting system, from grassroots through to elite sport. They have a clear, compelling vision for the future – for New Zealand to be the world’s most successful sporting nation. This means not only sustaining what we currently have in terms of participation and high performance success, but delivering bigger, better outcomes for sport and for NZ.

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