How to Undertake Powerful Progress Reviews against your Strategic and Operating Plan

January 17, 2022

January 17, 2022


Governance Mastery


Steven Bowman

When it comes to running an organisation, creating and following both strategic and operating plans can really help enable and actualise the changes you want to make. Plans hold organisations together and keep various teams aligned toward set objectives. More specifically, strategic plans provide key accountability mechanisms for the board, while operating plans provide key accountability mechanisms for the staff. 

So, by keeping your board and staff informed and focused on the plans to guide strategic behaviour, you can actually provide strong legitimacy to your board’s actions and achieve the outcome you want for your organisation.

In “How to Undertake Powerful Progress Reviews Against Your Strategic and Operating Plan,” seasoned board advisor and managing director of Conscious Governance Steven Bowman, looks at the importance of generating strategic and operating plans. 

Steven discusses the three key elements of any plan: the activity and their context, the time frame around the activities and the outcome measure for the activities. Then, he explores the planning sequence, provides guiding questions and finally frameworks for reviewing and contrasting your plans to help you keep on track. 

For more information, download this whitepaper to learn how you can unlock proper and effective planning with your team using these frameworks, guiding questions and progress reviews. 

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