“I save up to two days work each month using BoardPro”
Mark Eager, Chief Executive

Board management is now easier and more efficient at every step for Mark Eager, Chief Executive of Mobile Health NZ. Thanks to BoardPro, he now saves up to two days of work every month preparing his board packs – that’s no mean feat. For Mark, who manages two boards as part of his role at Mobile Health, it’s invaluable.

As well as making board pack preparation faster and easier, using BoardPro also ensures meetings run smoother and helps members perform better. “I like the way I can see the agenda building,” says Mark. “In the past you would be preparing the board pack for the coming month and realise some tasks had been forgotten so you’d frantically race to get those completed, which would delay the send of the pack.” Such were their tight timeframes, Mark and his team would sometimes even hand-deliver board packs to the airport themselves, to ensure they reached members in time for the meeting! Now, with BoardPro, it’s as simple as “pushing a button and it goes”.

The efficiency continues following the completion of meetings too. “Minutes come out so much quicker”, says Mark. “It’s easy for everyone to see the action items and reminder emails to each member ensures tasks are completed to a better standard and in a more timely fashion.”

A loyal user of BoardPro’s since July 2017, Mark has become such an advocate for BoardPro he’s referred the board management software to a number of other organisations – including the Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand, where Mark himself is a board member. “It’s just fantastic. Keep going!”


About Mobile Health NZ

Mobile Health is a privately owned company working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, District Health Boards and other health providers, to deliver low risk elective day surgery to rural New Zealanders and help develop better rural health systems. Since beginning operations in February 2002, they have treated more than 23,000 patients and delivered 56,000+ hours of education in rural communities.

About Mark

A former registered nurse with more than 13 years experience, Mark has been part of the Mobile Health team since 2007. In addition to managing the team at MH, Mark also manages the relationship with the Ministry of Health and many of the DHBs throughout New Zealand, in his role as Chief Executive.

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