You’d think that the last thing a time poor manager or administrator would want is another piece of software! And especially not for something as delicate and important as the board process.

Surely the flexibility and familiarity of generic tools like email, microsoft word and dropbox are better. It turns out that an integrated and structured tool (like BoardPro) outperforms desktop solutions. Here’s 4 reasons why:

  • Eliminates repetitive tasks. i.e. No more board pack collation using a PDF tool – software does it for you with a click.i.e. Enter an action in the minutes and the software automatically updates the action owner’s homepage, a master action register and reminder system.
  • Guides the board cycle in a systematic way. i.e. Prompts post-meeting tasks such as distributing minutes and action items with a few clicks.
  • Prompts best practice. i.e. Interests and health & safety included in the agenda template.
  • Delivers Online board papers – seamlessly deliver “online” for your board members.

The net result is up to 50% time savings on board administration, less headspace consumed and greater confidence you’re delivering a professional result. And that’s gold for busy managers and administrators of a SME or not for profit – who juggle multiple daily responsibilities and the board process.


Think love is a strong word?

See the evidence: 


 Nicolla O’Brien, Accountant, Get Smart Financial Group Limited

“We’re thrilled with BoardPro. As an Accountant (and very much not a Board Secretary) – I have found BoardPro really helpful

Being able to drop all my financial and commentary directly into the upcoming meeting in BoardPro is fantastic, particularly as they are then available in the boardpack for downloading.”

The Get Smart Group of companies, which includes smartAR, feeLink and feeSmart works with over 5,000 small and medium-sized businesses.They work with accountants, lawyers, banks and their clients helping improve cash flow and accounts receivable procedures through our specialist proven, debtor management solutions.


Sean McDonald is co-founder and CEO of MOBIT.

“Our board processes used to take up too much precious management time. Your system has cut that in half”

MOBIT, is a smart mobile messaging and marketing platform, operating in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. MOBIT is a relatively early stage venture and Sean handles much of his board process himself.



Tama Matene is the administrator and payroll officer for My Future Rocks Trust.

BoardPro made a very time consuming and labour intensive job way easier. When I was using it the other day, I kept on saying that “I was in love”, because I was.The board process is a job that I don’t really have time for yet have to do really well”

My Future Rocks Trust is New Zealand’s only employer of Māori engineering and mechanical trades apprentices. Employers can have an MFR apprentice seconded to your business on a contract basis to work and learn.


Thanks for reading.

Brett Herkt
CEO & Co-founder


Written by Brett Herkt

Brett is a serial entrepreneur, starting in the ICT sector in the early 2000s before moving into software solutions for management and governance. He lead the transformation of Maxnet from a $2M ISP into an $15M ICT business, which was sold to ASX listed company, Vocus Communications. He then built Leaderkit, a strategy delivery system for medium to large entities before turning attention to BoardPro.