Can I run Committees
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What is a board

A committee is a sub set of the board, often a mix of board members and executives, with designated authority from the board to meet, discuss, and recommend/ make decisions on behalf of the board.

How do I run committee meetings in BoardPro?

BoardPro offers dedicated committee accounts which enable the committees to have their own workflow for the People, Meetings, Actions, and Documents. This means that the people on that committee, who are not on the Board, can see the committee’s account, but not the main board account.

The reverse is true as well, those on the main board account will only see a committee if they are granted access to it, so confidential committees such as a Remuneration Committee are only visible to those given specific access to it.

Does my committee have the same features as the board?

Each committee is managed within it’s own BoardPro account.
Switching between your committees is seamless via a drop-down list.

We offer two plans that include committees, see above.
Individual committees can also be added to any plan.

Can people who are on multiple committees have different access levels for each?

Yes! You can allocate an access level that applies only to the particular committee you are working on. For example, someone may be a board member on the board account but be the chair of a committee – BoardPro enables each person to have the role access they need for each board/committee they are on.

Can I access all my boards and committees with the same login?

Absolutely! As long as you use the same email for each board and committee, once you have logged in you can easily switch between them.

So, how much does it cost?

Committee accounts cost about half the price of a board account. Please refer to the pricing in the menu above to see which applies to your organisation.

Committee plans are available, making them even more cost effective;
Board +2
Board +4

And of course, you can customise your subscription if you have more than four committees.

Want to try a committee now?

If your board would like to try out a committee, to see how it works, simply tell us the name of the committee and we will set it up for you.  In most cases you’ll be underway within minutes.

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