Fundraising Institute of New Zealand

"BoardPro is helping me to build a platform for governance that is future proofed."

Michelle Berriman

Executive Director

Michelle Berriman is the forward thinking Executive Director of Fundraising Institute of New Zealand. Michelle explained that, like other leaders around her, she has the mighty responsibility to “future proof the organisation and leave the systems and processes in a better position than those which were inherited”. Michelle was concerned about the absence of a solution which enabled access to historic documents in a centralised place, and an effective system for sharing documents.

Michelle’s introduction to BoardPro changed everything;

It’s a dream for me. It’s incredibly intuitive, and so straight forward”.

Michelle loves BoardPro, and shared that some of her favourite features are the Agenda Builder, and the Actions because the tracking of progress is so clear!

The board were also excited to use the new platform. Some had heard about BoardPro before! “As a volunteer board who are already committed to full time jobs, a solution that saves them time is invaluable” says Michelle. “Now with BoardPro, everyone knows what’s going on, and where to find their papers”.

Michelle reiterated later how BoardPro was solving one of her big-picture goals; “I am confident that I am building a platform for governance that is future proofed, and that’s what makes me excited”.

So if Michelle could sum it up?

“Governance and management is tricky at the best of times. If you find yourself knee deep in processes and spending too much time on just getting board papers out, then BoardPro is for you. You will save yourself so much time, and when you get it you will just feel like, ‘why haven't we had this forever?!’. It really is a great tool and I am definitely a champion of BoardPro.”

About FINZ

Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) is the professional membership body that represents fundraising in New Zealand.

For the benefit of all New Zealanders, FINZ is committed to fundraising excellence. We want to ensure that worthy causes are well supported and that the generosity of New Zealanders is recognised and encouraged.

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