How can a board management system help you?

From board pack to action items, BoardPro streamlines and lifts your entire board process.
The result? You’re in control, in less time, with less hassle.

In Control

Small-to-medium enterprise and non-profits often lack the administrative resource and governance know-how of larger organisations. BoardPro equips you to succeed anyway.


Good governance practice isn’t always known or followed – and it’s real work developing it for each new board. It’s much easier when simple good practice is baked into a structured tool for running the board process.


Does your Chair have their finger on the pulse – outside a board meeting or phoning the CEO? With BoardPro, you get real-time visibility of the whole cycle from draft agenda to approved minutes to action items completed.


Boards live and die on good decisions actioned and it’s frustrating when board initiatives lag. Now you can capture and assign initiatives efficiently, update progress immediately and get real-time visibility on progress.

In less time

Administrators, managers and CEOs want to deliver board needs efficiently and get on with their day jobs. BoardPro reduces board overhead by 25% to 75%. Read customer feedback here.

Less administration

There’s plenty to do in a board cycle: meeting details, agenda, board pack, minutes and action items…

Let smart software integrate and streamline the entire process from cloned agendas to pre-formated minutes.

Faster board packs

Spending hours collating and sending out board packs? Frustrated with late changes?

With BoardPro you can drag and drop documents into the agenda and collate a pdf board pack with a click; which means no more copying, stapling and numbering.

Reduced questions

Tired of picking through email threads and re-sending updated documents to board members?

Now they can access all your agendas, packs and documents, online – past and present and up-to-date; which means less touch points and repeated queries.

With less hassle

Board members want to reduce distractions and concentrate on adding value. BoardPro makes life easier for board members.

Everything to hand

How often do you spend an hour hunting for a board document, only to wonder if it’s the latest version?

With BoardPro there’s a single source of truth, designed specifically for governance, available anytime, anywhere. So you can be confident that you have current documents to hand.

Easier meeting prep

Are your board papers hard going? Wading through attachments and struggling to find the key issues?

BoardPro delivers a single collated and referenced pdf; neatly structured around the agenda with the key issues front and centre. Open, read, annotate on your favourite PDF reader and come ready to the meeting.

Less to remember

Little details, like a key introduction, can spell success for a board but forgetting them is embarrassing.

BoardPro’s action item system takes the stress out of board action items by sending handy email notifications and reminders, and tracking the progress so nothing gets overlooked.

Managing a performing board just got easier

Trade in your word documents, spreadsheets, email and online folders for simple, easy-to-use cloud software for board workflows, responsibilities, and documents.

Everything in one place

All your upcoming meetings and outstanding actions at your fingertips. No more checking meeting dates in your calendar or hunting down minutes for things you need to do. Need to check the context for your action item? Easy; just click through to the underlying minutes.

Easier meeting logistics

Handle all your meeting logistics with one simple tool. All your meetings, past, present and future, neatly displayed – see the big picture or dive into the detail behind each event. Find the minutes and meeting documents, easily accessible for you under each meeting.

Tight clean agendas

Build your agenda, set standing items, allocate presenters  and timing and link attachments – in minutes. Use our good practice template or customise your own. Benefit from meeting practice used by the experts. Never fiddle around manually calculating timing again – let BoardPro do the work for you.

Smoother meeting management

Run your meeting directly in BoardPro. See supporting detail and documents arranged by agenda item. No more chasing through piles of paper or frantically searching email trails and multiple attachments

Faster minutes

Make notes, allocate actions and capture decisions with ease. Allocate actions to individuals with a drop-down list. Master action list automatically updated and attached for review at the end of your minutes.

Set and forget action items

Create action items in the meeting and relax. Easily send notifications. Reminders are sent automatically. Action holders can click done from within the email. Master list updated automatically as actions completed.

Interests register, sorted

Simple prompts to keep your interests register up-to-date. Update details in seconds. Compliance requirements are met.

Key documents at your fingertips

Store all your key documents in BoardPro’s document repository – it’s designed for governance. No more hunting through paper folders, email or shared folders and wondering if you’ve got the latest version.

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