BoardPro board management software can help you streamline your board processes so you can save time, reduce hassle, and ease stress.


Drag and Drop Agenda Builder

The drag and drop agenda builder enables you to save valuable time. Simplify the agenda building process and automate follow-up activities using BoardPro’s inbuilt Agenda Builder. Create your agenda, attach documents, and set rules for reviewing action items, then distribute via email. Use the best practice template or customise your own.

Smart Agenda Items

BoardPro’s unique ‘smart agenda’ items simplify good governance practices and save time by automatically bringing into the Agenda, the most up to date versions of:

  • Minutes to be confirmed
  • Up-to-date Interests Register
  • Action Item List
  • Scheduling the following meeting


Automated Board Pack Builder

The board pack builder saves you loads of time with stress free Board Pack production and distribution. BoardPro’s smart functionality automates the process, building a single PDF board pack for each meeting and automatically inserting required documents as you build the agenda. Once it’s ready, you can distribute it to everyone in just one click – confident the board is working with the latest version


BoardPro Notes

With BoardPro Notes you can make private notes and capture your thoughts directly on the board pack. You no longer need to print the board pack, or use a third-party app to highlight, circle, or write a note. The annotation destruction policy enables you to remove all private notes from the official meeting record.  

Learn more about BoardPro Notes here


Smart Minutes

Work smarter and more efficiently, all while following good minute taking practice. Enter minutes directly into BoardPro’s board management software throughout the meeting, assigning actions and recording decisions made as you go. Then easily distribute finalised Minutes and new Actions with one click.


Decision Register

You don’t have to rely on memory anymore. With BoardPro, the Decision Register auto-populates instantly as decisions are made and recorded throughout the meeting. When the board needs to review a previous Decision, a quick search finds what was decided, in which meeting, on which agenda item, and in seconds you can be taken directly to the Minutes of that meeting to view the complete context in which the Decision was made.



Interest Register

Make compliance simple, save time on administrative tasks and keep meetings focussed on outcomes. Members can manage their own Interests, with all changes reflected in the Interests Register in real time. Access up-to-date register of all Interests, current and past, for each board member at any time



Set and Forget Action items

Keep everyone on track and get the important stuff done. Create and assign Action Items during the meeting as you enter the Minutes, and notify members of their assigned actions, all from within BoardPro. The Action List automatically updates as members complete tasks and reminder emails save your butt so that you don’t show up at the meeting with your Actions not done.




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Minutes Confirmation

The ‘smart minutes’ feature enables you to attach previous meeting minutes to your next board meeting ready for confirmation. A simple one-click function confirms the previous meeting minutes effortlessly and locks it down so that the Minutes cannot be falsified.  




Annotation Destruction Policy

This policy allows organisations to set a rule that, when Minutes are confirmed, all copies and annotations (made in BoardPro Notes) are destroyed automatically leaving the organisation with one final copy of the Agenda, Board Pack and Minutes of confirmed meetings.




Governance Repository

Take full advantage of the document storage facility for all your board documents and company wide policy documents. Find a document quickly via search, or link it directly to an agenda item. Add one of BoardPro’s unique “Board Only” folders to restrict sensitive material for the board members only – not even administrators can access them.





Meeting Search

The Meeting search function will find a keyword from any Meeting, Agenda, or Minutes and supporting agenda documents for any topic the board has discussed.   

In seconds you can find:

  • In which meeting(s) it was discussed
  • Which agenda item
  • Any papers that were provided to support the discussion
  • What Minutes, Actions and Decisions flowed from the discussion.  

Never again will you be unable to locate a specific board document, decision or action.




If your board has subcommittees, with members who are not on the main board, the Committee feature enables your committees to run their own sub-account within BoardPro.  Members of the committee won’t have access to the board account (unless they are on the board too), and the committees have their own permission levels, meeting workflow, document repository, Action Lists.

Learn more about committees here





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