Board management software that’s smart, elegant and easy to use.

Run an effective board with less effort.

BoardPro board software can help you can streamline your board processes so you can get organised, save time and reduce hassle.

Everything in One Place

Say goodbye to hefty emails with so many attachments it confuses your meeting preparation. With BoardPro, one integrated cloud solution gives you quick and easy access to everything you need, all in one place. And because it’s online, you can access it anywhere, anytime on any device.

Key Documents at your Fingertips

Never again will you be unable to locate a specific board document. With BoardPro’s Document Repository all of your documents are stored in one central and secure location, which is easily searchable via a simple keyword search.

Automated Board Pack Generation

Save yourself loads of time with stress free Board Pack production and distribution.. BoardPro’s smart functionality automates the process, building a single PDF board pack for each meeting and automatically inserting required documents as you build the agenda. Once it’s ready, you can distribute it to everyone in just one click – confident the board is working with the latest version.

Faster Minutes

Work smarter and more efficiently, all while following good minute taking practice. Enter minutes directly into BoardPro throughout the meeting, assigning actions and recording decisions made as you go. Then easily distribute finalised Minutes and updated Action List with one click.

Set and Forget Action Items

Keep everyone on track and get the important stuff done. Create and assign Action Items during the meeting as you enter the Minutes, and notify members of their assigned actions, all from within BoardPro. The Master Action List automatically updates as members complete tasks and reminder emails help keep everyone on track.

Fast, Easy Agendas

Simplify the agenda building process and automate follow-up activities using BoardPro’s inbuilt Agenda Builder. Create your agenda, attach documents, and set rules for reviewing action items, then distribute via email. Use best practice template or customise your own.

Automated Decision Register

You don’t have to rely on memory anymore. With BoardPro, the Decision Register auto-populates instantly as decisions are made and recorded throughout the meeting. If you ever need to recall a previous decision, a quick search will recover the information you need in seconds.

Interests Register Sorted

Make compliance simple, save time on administrative tasks and keep meetings focussed on outcomes. Members can manage their own Interests, with all changes reflected in the Interests Register in real time. Access up-to-date register of all Interests, current and past, for each board member at any time.

And These Other Great Features…

  • Comprehensive Search
    Quickly and easily search for and find information relating to a specific topic, within BoardPro’s Meeting Document repository.
  • Committee Management
    Manage committee functions separate to main board functions, with optional additional committee accounts.
  • Automated Meeting Reminders
    Emails sent at 7 days and 24 hours before each meeting to remind members when and where the meeting, and what their current attendance status is.

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