BoardPro Notes

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With BoardPro Notes you can make private notes and capture your thoughts directly on the board pack.

You no longer need to print the board pack, or use a third-party app to highlight, circle, or write a note.

Your notes are available to you on any device, at any time.

Draw text box

Easily create text box overlays that draws your attention to specific

items in your board pack. Easily change the font styles, colours, size

and background colours.

Highlight Pen

Use the highlight pen option to remind you of specific items

anywhere in your board pack. Change the colours, styles and

shapes as you see fit

Writing pen

Use the ‘free form’ pen to draw specific attention to items in your

board pack. There is a wide variety of font styles, colours and

display options.

Sticky Notes

Create longer length notations on your board pack that minimise

on screen to allow maximum use of space in your board pack.

Shape Tool

Add a variety of shapes and styles to your board pack to bring

specific attention to key areas of the agenda or documents

contained with your board pack

Mark as read

Reminders at a glance of any edits and notations you have made on

a board pack document and mark items as ‘read’

BoardPro Notes is included with your BoardPro subscription.

Available in BoardPro’s web app and through a dedicated app for iPads and iPhones.
You can download the app here.

Preparing for your upcoming board meeting is now a breeze!