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Quickly build, organise and share the meeting agenda with your directors, and give them the tools to fully engage in a meeting.

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Easily build your agenda in BoardPro, add in your agenda items, assign a presenter, and add in supporting documents for your agenda items.

Build your agenda once, and then clone it for future meetings.

Best practice template for meeting agendas available.

Agenda builder
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Save time and make the process fun. Re-organise your agenda items easily by picking them up and dropping them to to a new place on your agenda.

All of your discussion items and supporting documents will re-index automatically for you.

Meeting cycle automation

‍BoardPro ‘smart agenda items’ enables your meetings to function  with automation delivering meeting cycle efficiency and guiding good governance practices.

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Agenda builder

Compiling board documents used to be a HUGE job that often took a couple of days. With BoardPro, I can produce this in a fraction of the time.

Mary Sokolic

EA to CEO | Hobson Wealth

Steven Pearce, customer reference
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