Voting in BoardPro helps you to actively engage and provides focus for important decision making. Your board can vote during a meeting. Check out Flying Minutes to learn how your board can vote between meetings.

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Voting as part of the agenda

Votes can be added to your agenda, and supporting documents can be circulated prior to the meeting in the board pack. Board members can prepare well to make a decision at the meeting. Voting can be transparent or anonymous.

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Record votes in real time

Formal votes are recorded live and accurately during a meeting.

Each director can cast their own vote from their device.

See the outcome of the vote there and then.

Keep votes anonymous, or choose to have the director's names recorded with their vote.

Assisted Voting

Board members may not always have a device with them. Assisted voting allows the person taking the minutes to enter a vote on behalf of a voter.

The Board member will receive an email confirming their vote.

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Hans Wouter, customer reference

Communication is at the heart of a good board process. We love how everything happens in one place and not across countless emails or shared folders

Patrick Coyle

GM Australasia, Karma Cola

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Vote outcomes automatically added to your decision register

Find the record of all votes made at your meetings in your Decision Register.

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