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Creating a CEO Report

That Delights your Board

The CEO’s report is the most important paper in the board pack — the one your board members turn to first.

The CEO’s report is an invaluable document for time-poor directors deluged with information and competing priorities. It answers the question, “where is the ship heading” and not so much “where has it been”.  
Knowing what’s on the CEO’s mind is key for boards striving for efficiency and effectiveness. But, despite its importance, few organisations get it right. And no wonder — the roads are full of pot-holes.

The good news is that getting your CEO report to the level where it delivers value to the whole board — CEO included — is one of the most effective improvements you can bring to the whole board pack. 

Read our guide to learn how to create a CEO report that delights your board.

What should your report include?

Key metrics (e.g. customer, financial and production)

Key discussions and decisions for the upcoming meeting

Top of Mind for CEO- what’s keeping them awake at night

Big Wins & Learnings

CEO Summary (setting the scene for the board in a few sentences)

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