With BoardPro, you get multiple layers of protection and our commitment to protect your data.

Your data is safe in transit and in our data centres

  • We use state of the art SSL 256-bit encryption and hashing techniques to secure your organisations documents when in transit.  This end-to-end encryption in transit ensures that your documents are secure between the browser to the storage facility, on upload and download.
  • While stored within BoardPro’s secure Australasian document storage facility all documents are encrypted and stored using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available.

You control access to your data

  • BoardPro offers easy control over who can access your organisation’s documents. Administrators can assign predefined roles to team members to systematically allow or disallow access to meeting agendas, board related workflows, governance data and reports.  With an easy to use interface, administrators can manage users over their lifetime by adding, removing or modifying access of team members.
  • BoardPro uses logical isolation to segregate each organisation’s data from that of others. This provides the scale and economic benefits of shared services while rigorously preventing customers from accessing one another’s data.

Your data is backed up securely

  • We use replication and redundancy to provide high availability of user data. The replication servers are geographically dispersed to mitigate impact of a single catastrophe/disaster.
  • Our servers are maintained and updated with the latest security patches on a regular basis. We constantly monitor analytics data to identify reliability and scalability issues and implement


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