We started BoardPro to simplify governance for the small to medium business and non-profit organisation.  Having sat on and chaired numerous commercial and NFP boards, we know how painfully time consuming good governance can be.  We spoke with a number of other chairs and professional directors, and found this problem is widely shared. 

Believing technology can add a lot of value, BoardPro is about simplifying the tasks of being on a board and freeing your time, so you can get on and do what software can't do.  Read more of our story.


Brett Herkt


Brett is a serial entrepreneur, starting in the ICT sector in the early 2000s before moving into software solutions for management and governance.

He lead the transformation of Maxnet from a $2M ISP into an $15M ICT business, which was sold to ASX listed company, Vocus Communications. 

He then built Leaderkit, a strategy delivery system for medium to large entities before turning his attention to BoardPro.

Kim Thibault


Joining Leaderkit in 2013 as Chief Operating Officer, Kim holds a strong mix of professional and entrepreneurial skills. MBA qualified, Kim was a key driver in the development of Maxnet, a successful high value Telecommunications business, and has overseen the development of over $2.5 million in SaaS enterprise software.

Here at BoardPro Kim has a multi-facted role, juggling the responsibilities for product development, customer service, finance, administration and supporting marketing. 

Zeeshan Ejaz Bhatti, PhD


Zeeshan leads BoardPro's technical team.  With a  great sense of humour and super fast ability to adapt technologies, he is responsible to keep BoardPro's app available and scalable.  

As the founder and former CTO of APIMATIC Ltd.  Zeeshan holds a BSc in Software Engineering, Masters degrees in Software Engineering and Computer Science, and a PhD in Software Engineering. 

Zeeshan is the author of several research papers and books on Model-Driven Engineering and has co-published a patent on Code Generation as a Service.

Arjan Noordhoek

Technical and Product Advisor

Arjan is an experienced IT professional who is passionate about finding optimal ways to manage and improve product development. Using the lessons from the past while fully embracing Agile and Lean practises he continues to challenge the BoardPro team to deliver products and build an organisation that can service customers in a competitive global market.

Board of Directors

Simon Telfer

Director & Partner

Simon is a professional director and founder of two governance initiatives in New Zealand; Appoint Better Boards and Springboard.

He appoints independent directors and advisory board members to privately owned businesses as well as providing advice around strategy and owner succession. 

Simon helped us identify the market opportunity for BoardPro.

Bruce Sheppard


Bruce Sheppard co-founded Gilligan Sheppard in 1985 and still enjoys the challenges, direction and innovation of the practice. Bruce has become exposed to all aspects of the capital markets in NZ including the inner functioning of regulators, major listed companies and market intermediaries.

Simon McIver


Simon is the current Global Head of Sales & Marketing Operations at Xero. He has significant experience building high performing sales and marketing teams and results in both hyper growth start up and publicly traded companies.

Simon has extensive global experience in New Zealand, Australia, United States, Latin & South America, Middle East and Asia Pacific markets.

Kevin McFall

Chair & Director

Kevin was a founder and director of two successful and profitable companies in New Zealand (Designer Technology & Marshal Software), one is still operating and the other was sold to NASDAQ listed company NetIQ in 2002.

He is a director of Winnow Software and has a proven track record of creating and delivering world class software products, particularly in the security industry.


Governance Practice Advisory Board


Graeme Nahkies

Advisory Board Member

Graeme is a governance expert, with 20 years’ experience providing specialist advice on board and director effectiveness. He has served on a wide range of boards and as a chief executive reporting to boards. Graeme also publishes a periodical (‘Board Works’) on governance effectiveness which has an extensive domestic and international subscriber base.

Brian Steele

Advisory Board Member

Brian is a governance professional with 12 years experience and a focus on emerging high growth companies in the arts, health, education and TMT (telecommunications, media and technology) sectors. He served the Wellington branch of the Institute of Directors for a number of years and was involved with development of the institute's advisory board toolkit.