How to develop board guiding policies


A Board and Operational Governance Policy Suite should contain important (often mandatory) information and procedures that will help to ensure that your organisation complies with all funding, legal and governance responsibilities.

This Board and Operational Governance Policy Suite is necessary for:

  1. Articulating the “rules” within which all Directors and others in the organisation are to operate and work
  2. Separating the role of the Board with governance and strategy; from the operational activity undertaken by the CEO and employee teams
  3. Working effectively with and through the CEO
  4. Monitoring the activity of the organisation against clearly articulated criteria confirming the required directions of the Board
  5. Leaving the Board free to spend sufficient time with key governance and strategic issues facing the organisation and planning for the future directions of the organisation
  6. Ensuring all the required legislated, regulatory and best practice policies are developed under a quality-controlled framework

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