A simpler and easier way to manage your responsibilities

With boardPro, busy board members spend less time chasing details and documents and more time adding value.  You get everything board related with one login; documents, collated boardpacks, minutes, action items, interests register and handy reminders to keep you on track.

The net result is:

  • no more chasing documents around email, dropbox or hard copy
  • less time sorting and reading board papers  
  • minutes review whilst still fresh in your mind
  • greater confidence that compliance matters are in hand
  • zero hassle managing your board action items


Tony Coombe

Craig Hattle

Chair, Advantage Business Limited

"I am an active user of BoardPro yes – it has certainly helped me raise my own standards of Chairmanship, makes life much easier and transparent!"

Sharon Threadwell, Assistance Dogs - boardPro user

Sharon Threadwell

Chair, Assistance Dogs Trust NZ

"Everything [with BoardPro] is going well for us, it's been a game changer in terms of improving our governance activities."

Shawn Bristow

Pamela Storey

Chair, Waikato Environment Centre

"Our GM was both talking and taking minutes at our board meetings - which was challenging.

I saw an opportunity to facilitate the meeting in an easier manner - and boardPro certainly does that"

Bruce Howat

Bruce Howat

Trustee & CEO, My Future Rocks Trust

"We love boardPro – we have Board members in various locations and we find it brilliant to communicate at a Governance level and keep appropriate conversations happening on a regular basis."

Mike Lay

Mike Lay

Chair, Selwyn Sports Trust

"I handed our secretary a laptop at the start of a meeting and said try this (boardPro).  She had never used it before but picked it up instantly and, long story short, the minutes were out the next day with everyone clear on the actions for the month.  That’s a big change from receiving the minutes the day before the next meeting.
The next meeting when looking for approval to purchase boardpro she said  “I’m not going back, if you don’t buy it you may have to find a new secretary”