Less board overhead, more time to Manage!

With boardPro, time-poor managers and administrators get an easy to use system that streamlines the entire board process.  

It handles everything from meeting schedule to minutes and supports compliance, board communications and reminders.

The net result is:

  • Up to 50% time savings on board administration
  • Less head-space consumed on the details of board administration
  • Confidence you're delivering a professional board process
  • Reduced stress with board deadlines
Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald

CEO, Mobit

"Our board processes used to take up too much precious management time. Your system has cut that in half"

Tama Matene

Tama Matene

Administrator, My Future Rocks - Mau ano e rapu he oranga trust

"BoardPro made a very time consuming and labour intensive job way easier. When I was using it the other day, I kept on saying that “I was in love”, because I was.

The board process is a job that I don't really have time for yet have to do really well"

Tony Coombe

Tony Coombe

Contract Executive, Corson Grain limited

"Boardpro reduced a stressful day's work into two hours work with no stress"

"Previously a secretary would spend an entire day compiling the papers - ordering them, working on the index, ensuring page numbering was accurate, checking page settings and printing and collating and mailing individual packs. It was always stressful and became a nightmare with late changes and redoing board packs."

Shawn Bristow

Nicolla O'Brien

Group Accountant, Get Smart Financial Solutions Ltd

"I was 'chatting' with Kim earlier and had conveyed to her how thrilled we are with BoardPro - as an Accountant (and very much not a Board Secretary) - I have found BoardPro really helpful

Being able to drop all my financials and commentary directly into the upcoming meeting in BoardPro is fantastic, particularly as they are then available in the Board pack for downloading."


Ross Bell, CEO, New Zealand Drug Foundation

Ross Bell

CEO, New Zealand Drug Foundation

"We needed something to co-ordinate collating and distributing board papers We had been using dropbox but that didn't quite work. Nor did sending out an email with 8 attachments.

Your software handles it all so intuitively.
I love it."