Chris Keall


Auckland-based BoardPro has won a contract with NZ Rugby that will see 26 provincial unions, five Super Rugby franchises and the NZ Maori Rugby Board adopt its boardroom governance software.

BoardPro founder and chief executive Brett Herkt often puts his company in the same frame as Diligent Board Member Services when discussing customer numbers – Diligent being the NZX-listed company in the same market that had a storied $1 billion sale to a New York-based private equity outfit.

But while Diligent targets corporate boards, BoardPro is aimed at small to medium-size organisations and non-profits.

In February, Herkt said his company had around 400 customers in New Zealand to Diligent’s 450. “They have saturated their market. At our current growth rate, we’ll overtake them within two months,” he predicted.

So how’s that tracking?……….(read more below)

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About NZ Rugby

Founded in 1892, New Zealand Rugby has teams based in Wellington and Auckland, as well as a number of people working out in the rugby community and with high performance teams. New Zealand Rugby’s vision is to ‘Unify & Inspire’ and it does this through its relationships with its members, including all 26 Provincial Unions, five Super Rugby clubs, sponsors, and stakeholders such as the New Zealand Government.

About BoardPro

Professional corporate boards can afford extensive governance and administration resource, freeing directors to focus on making a powerful contribution. BoardPro brings that capability to the small and medium enterprise and non-profit space. BoardPro has taken best practices from professional boards and simplified and automated the processes.