What you need to know about strategic planning at a board level

Running an organisation well and operating it efficiently requires strategic development and a clear planning process. An organisation without either will suffer consequences, from unclear vision and purpose to poor understanding of the organisation environment.

Therefore, it is essential to develop your organisation's strategic development roadmap.

Strategy is all about having an unambiguous focus on the future you are trying to create, being aware of various future possibilities, understanding the implications of the current environment, analysing what this means to your organisation and then choosing what needs to be done based on this analysis before needing to act.

A strategic plan helps the board to make choices that are actually creating the future. Then implement those strategies, continually monitor them and make changes where required. So in this sense, the strategic plan is the board’s greatest accountability tool because monitoring, changing and communicating the strategic plan are critical for external accountability.

So, how do you actually pull together a cohesive strategic plan? There are three key elements:

  1. The vision/purpose as a long term strategy filter (10-20 years)
  2. The strategic plan as a short term strategy filter (2-3 years)
  3. The operating plan to actualise the strategic plan (1 year)

This recorded webinar and resource guide will help executives and board members improve their strategic development and planning skills.

Led by some of Australasia's leading governance experts, these pros will help teach you the art of strategic development and planning:

Brett Herkt – CEO and Cofounder at BoardPro

As a serial entrepreneur, Brett has built high-growth businesses over the last 20 years. He's created $10M exit value in an ICT business, persevered through to a modest exit and carried the lessons into BoardPro's flourishing success. A strategic mindset, strong generalist business skills, determination and enduring curiosity are just a few of Brett’s strengths that he will be sharing at the webinar.

Steven Bowman – Professional Director/Advisor

Steven is the Managing Director of Conscious Governance. Previously holding numerous senior executive positions like CEO and other Board positions in the USA and Australia, Steven undoubtedly will bring his breadth of experience of reviewing and strategic process planning to the webinar. As if that isn’t impressive enough, he has also authored and co-authored over 14 books on governance, strategy, risk and executive leadership.

Giselle McLachlan – Director Grounded Governance

Giselle is a governance specialist, with an eye on the strategic horizon as well as on the ground just ahead.  Giselle is all about down to earth governance and business advice, and thrives on building sustainable businesses alongside healthy leaders and lives.

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