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Automatically combine your meeting papers into an easy to read board pack using BoardPro’s board pack builder.

Add your documents for the meeting and let BoardPro take care of the rest of the journey.

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Build your board packs in minutes

The board pack builder saves you time with stress-free board pack production and distribution.

Create a single board pack made up of supporting meeting documents

Add late papers and changes with ease

Send to the board in one click

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Board pack notifications

Secure board packs are here! No more sending documents via email. When the board pack is ready, send encrypted notifications to your directors, securely linking them to their meeting papers, and never in the hands of unauthorised users.

Steven Pearce, customer reference

I have never before used a tool that makes the creating, collating and distribution of board papers so easy.

Catherine Linton

EA to CEO | Christian Savings

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Annotate the meeting papers

Streamline your meeting preparation and keep everything online in one place.

Private digital notes stored on a secure platform

Free from the clutter of paper copies

Easy navigation of your personal notes

Read your papers on the go with iOS mobile app

BoardPro Notes™ enables you to access the meeting papers for your board or committee meetings, directly on your iPad or iPhone.

No iOS device? No problem! BoardPro can also be accessed from the browser on your mobile device.

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